Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 Weeks

Forgive the picture, it's an iPhone shot of another picture. They really should work on the technology to email these things. Maybe I should just work on finding myself a scanner.

Yesterday was our second u/s. That big black hole is Squishy's "house". I apparently grow nice big houses, woot woot! Squishy is the nestled in on the right side. Where exactly? I'm not quite sure.

We were able to see the heart beat but not hear it just yet. It was hopping all around and just beating away.

They dated me 2 days behind where I thought I should be. I'm keeping my calculations though, I like them more.

Our beta came back at 50,000, on the higher end for our gestation, woot woot!!

Our P4 (progesterone) on the other hand was low. Progesterone is the hormone that sustains a pregnancy and keeps the babe growing. I was put on P4 supplements, 200mg Prometrium. Gag. The a small selection of side effects are headache, boob pain, depression, dizziness, bloating & abdominal pain. Sweet! I don't care though.

Even though morning sickness and the side effects suck I want to try and be sure not to complain during this pregnancy. Mostly because I'm certainly not the first person to be pregnant, I'm not dealing with anything a billion women before me haven't dealt with. Also, having faced the possibility of not having this child everything is worth it. Every little symptom tells me we made it here. Plus, I knew what being pregnant meant. No level of complaining will change that. Puke and rally. Get it done, deal with it and get back to the party.

Yes, I just used my college kegger moto in relation to my pregnancy and no I don't see issue with this at all.

Baby Size: Raspberry

What's Baby Doing: Growing an upper lip, nose & eye lids. Also forming little webbed hands and feet

Heartbeat: Saw not heard, still amazing

Momma Feels: Great! Almost no bloating which is shocking and fabulous. My mornings are awesome! Around 2-3pm I start fading fast with the fatigue & upset stomach. Yesterday was the first real sickness. I'm adding a small snack around 1:30 & 4 in hopes that it's the empty stomach that caused yesterday grossness.

We will have two more appointments with the reproductive endrocrinoloigist along with two more ultrasounds @ 7w4d & 8w4d. We got the green light to set up an appointment with the OB so I called yesterday. We were able to get the doctor who did our inital fertility consult and is familiar with our situation and will be going in for our first OB appointment @ 10w1d!

OH, my one annoyance...everyone who says I'm lucky to get all these ultrasounds. Not really. Try to remember why we get all these u/s. I highly doubt anyone would trade weekly ultrasounds for busted ovaries.

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