Sunday, July 24, 2011

Judge On Strangers

WTF is up with the entire world wanting to know how I feed my child?

At LEAST once a week someone, usually a stranger wants to know if I'm breast-feeding. First of all, stop thinking about my boobs creepers. Second, my choice to formula feed is just that MY choice. My child not getting boob juice is hardly effects YOUR life. So why do you ask?

You ask so you can think me a bad mother. You ask so you can go home and talk to your husband about the evil woman depriving her child of nourishment from her tap. You ask so you can feel superior to me.

Today in SAMs club an older woman was admiring our beautiful 100% healthy child and very knowingly said, "you breastfeed". I said, "no" and nothing else because I don't owe anyone an explanation. She went on to very proudly tell me that she did it for 13 months. She was glad she did because it was healthy and she didn't have to deal with bottles. That was our cue to keep the line a movin'.

Props to women who breastfeed. It wasn't for us for a multitude of reasons. I do think it's good for the baby and tried my hardest to give her as much pumped breast milk as I possibly could. It took me at least 3 pumping sessions to get a full bottle. I wasn't able to leave my house for more than 2 hours. Then my baby developed reflux and was puking everything we gave her. I held strong though and kept trying. We realized she was throwing up more breast milk than formula and was taking formula bottles much better.

Deciding to stop pumping was a very guilt ridden decision because I do not deny the fact that breast is best. Sometimes though that doesn't work out. I thank God that formula is as amazing as it is.

Next time someone wants to play Judge Judy Attitudy I'm going to loudly announce that I believe them fun bags not feed bags. Or I'm going to totally lose my shit.

I couldn't care less how you feed, diaper, clothe or parent your child. If they aren't hurt or neglected than who the hell cares.

Put away your gavels people. I dont need it and at this point you might be risking your life. As for your opinions...

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