Tuesday, December 13, 2011

8 Month Letter

Dear Riley,
You are 8 months old and an absolute joy. You are probably the happiest baby in the world. Nothing rattles your world, it's rare to ever hear you cry.

About 4 weeks ago you were playing with a toy and We heard some clicking noises. Turns out your two bottom teeth had decided to make an appearance. We had thought you were teething a few weeks prior but nothing had showed up and you were showing no symptoms. Those teeth are your little secret. You don't let anyone touch them and you wouldn't let anyone see them if you can help it. It's kind of funny to see people try and watch you close up shop.

You got your first booboo the other day. You got a brave and decided you didn't need to hold on to stand. You ate hardwood and got the tiniest of cuts on your upper lip. The dramatics that ensued afterwards were nothing short of comical. You grabbed your blanket and tried to shove half of it in your mouth, then put your head on your feet. You stayed head down for a solid 2 minutes when I guess you decided you were all better and tried to get up again.

You have my stubbornness but your fathers stealth and sneak. A terror of a combination. Your dad is away for work right now and I've "lost" you twice. I go to make your bottle or draw your bath and you see your window of opportunity. I'm not sure how you hide quite so quickly because you really don't move all that fast when being watched. The closet is your new fascination and you must find a way to get into it.

You and Sport the Dog are in a battle for dominance. After watching him hide behind the couch you've learned that you too fit back there. He is not impressed, you are. You love to look out the front door, so does he. He tries to take up all the space and not let you by but you're squirmy and resourceful, you get what you want. Eventually sport gives up and moves. You smack the floor in success.

You are still army crawling your way around the house. Yesterday you took two "steps" belly up crawling. Then you spent the rest of the day with a camera shoved in your face. I almost didn't take you to school today because of how close you are.

You've become a pro at getting on your knees to play with different toys and no longer need balance support for that. Just in the last week you mastered going from belly/back position to sitting up. It's adorable to watch you do it.

Food wise you are doing awesome. We switched you to 3rd foods a little over a week ago and you are doing great. We will probably do another week or so and then move you to table foods. You had diced chicken for the first time yesterday and I really thought it would be a test for you but it wasn't. You chewed away and did great! We are still pretty strict about what you eat as in no crap. Butter, cheese, salt, processed sugar are all things we are not offering for quite some time. Bad eating habits are something your father and I struggle with greatly and we'd like to help you make healthy decisions as much as possible. I'm not sure why most other adults in your life feels the need to feed you things you don't need but they do. It's amazing how many times we've had to say, "no the 7 month old doesn't need cake". Protein, veggie & fruits are really all you need right now & you love them so lets stick with it.

You talk and talk and talk. Favorite "words" right now are dada, do and woah. Your starting to put different sounds together and I love our conversations.

I don't know where the last 8 months have gone. As I say every month we couldn't possibly love you any more. The thought of you can still make me cry, your achievements could be Nobel Prizes for all the attention we give them. You just amaze us everyday !

Yo momma!

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