Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1st Birthday Party

So today's toddle along Tuesday theme is Parties! Since Riley has yet to have a party I'm posting about the plan for her first.

The theme is Minnie & The Mickey mouse Club house. Our colors are hot pink and Zebra!

The outfit!
The Outfit

The Food
The Food

Donald's Cheese & Quackers
Hot Diggity Dogs w/ fixings
Chip N Dale's Chips & Dip
Mickey Burgers
Plutos Pasta Salad

The Desserts
The Cake

Minnie Cake Pops
Minnie Birthday & Smash cake

The Decorations
The Decorations

The Decorations

Balloons, paper poms, zebra table clothes.

The Invites
The Invite

I hope that April 14th will bring us bright sun & awesome warm weather. I'd love to hang sheets of paper on the house to let the kids paint & color. Having Riley's cake smash in the grass with her tutu will make fabulous pictures. I was able to find a paper package that has water bottle labels & all kinds of little things to help make it all complete.

Birthdays are a big deal, it's the only day that is yours and yours alone (usually). Ry has no idea but I do and I want it all! For her of course ;)

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  1. Love this theme! My son's first birthday is April 10th and I'm hoping for warm outside kind of weather too. would love to have a BBQ for the party. You just never know with spring in DC though.