Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cloth Diapers: Day 3

We started ditching disposables on Sunday and so far so good.

On day 3 I'm going to say it's generally just as easy as disposables. A diaper change may take a few seconds longer with cloth because you have to put the liner in the cover, but that's not a huge deal. This is also due to the system we are using...Green Mountain Prefolds (red edge) and Thirsties Duo covers. We could have spent a significant amount of additional money to buy one size (birth to potty) all in ones but before knowing if we like CD'ing or not the investment advantage wasn't there.

The only disadvantage that I can really speak of on day three is the size of her little tush. She's bulky. The cloth is obviously thicker than a disposable. Its not the end of the world.

We haven't had a single leak and our little nugget is a heavy wetter. Only twice has she gotten poo on the cover and it was just a small spot on the leg gusset which is to be expected. Both spots came out in the laundry.

As for the laundry, super simple, just like every other load you would do. We have a front loader so it uses a smaller amount of water. For this reason we do an extra rinse.

We are still using disposables at night. I'm just not confident enough yet with the cloth. I'm starting to think she would be okay but it is going to take a few more days of actually witnessing the absorbancy before I try out night time.

So far so good, I'm happily impressed!

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