Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 Weeks 1 Day

Sooooo, hows a bout that one. We're having a baby!!! Please sweet baby Jesus don't let me screw this up!

I've always had a blog or journal to write down my thoughts as I have them. I've decided that this being the biggest thing to happen to us deserves its own. Also because if someone doesn't want to read about the ins and outs of what happens to a woman during pregnancy they can simply chose not to read.

So it's early. Very early. Nerve wracking early. I keep checking for spotting. I keep waiting for the really bad cramps. I'm scared out of my mind.

Tomorrow on August 5th we have our first beta draw. Big numbers people big numbers!

Baby Size: Poppy Seed

Activity: Cells are splitting into the embryo & placenta. Amniotic sac is forming

Momma Feels: Crampy, tired, hungry and a bit queasy. Strong gross odors make it more than a "bit queasy" but happy to have it all.

Daddy Feels: Nervous, excited, very pro-active. Very awesome!

At this stage not much is really happening so there isn't much to report.

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