Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anatomy Scan

This is the best picture we got. Miss Riley was having no parts of this invasion and refused to move. Sure she wiggled and squirmed but she remained head down on my bladder facing backwards in an awkward head stand the entire time.

Let's start with Riley, as difficult as she was she's still the most awesome little squish in the world. We've got 10 fingers and toes, 4 heart chambers, 2 kidneys and one stomach. Everything else is where it should be! The little princess is becoming quite the little porker clocking in at 13oz. Slightly larger than the average 20 weeker. The tech had a hard time getting a pic of her lady bits but said, "if I have to guess off this shot I say girl". The pic looked just like our 17 week so we agreed and all was good.

Now here's where I bitch. The doctor. He was a self righteous moronic asshole who I'm seriously considering writing a letter about. Here's our conversation.

He comes in does his check all is good then says, "as for the gender I agree it's a BOY"

Rachel, "umm that's funny your joking right."

Doctor, "no after looking at the scans I say boy. Let's take another look. All these scans run together after a bit"

Rachel (silently and fuming), 'no jackass I don't blend with anyone. Did you look at any of our scans. Do you know my name? What crack are you? My clients don't get to 'run together' this is so not cool'

Doctor, "ok there you are it is a girl."

Rachel, "you're sure? Thank goodness I was starting to panic"

Doctor, "you already knew?"

Rachel, "yes we had an elective at 17 weeks. I'm impatient"

Doctor, "horrible time to have a 3d u/s. Next time you want to throw your money away just give me a call"

Rachel, "luckily I don't consider it a waste of money, not like you are privvy to my finanical situation or are in a position to comment on how I spend my money but had I not 'wasted' money I'd be leaving here thinking my girl had a penis. Thank goodness I wasted my money otherwise I would have never known to question your statement."

Ok I firmly believe it is not my doctors job to tell me the gender of my baby. This is part of the reason we did the elective. I don't need coddling or hand holding. I want my docs to deliver a healthy baby and pick up on any abnormalities along the way. I don't require a lot of time or ask assinine questions. Come in, give me facts, look at my kid and leave all are happy.

What I do not appreciate is the extra commentary on how I spend my money, not your biz. What I don't appreciate is getting me confused with another patient! What scans were you looking at?! How do I know that you didn't look at the wrong file completly? It has happened to err is human.

It's not helping that his entire demeanor screamed boredom and indifference, which really is fine. I know I'm nothing but a patient number. I know there is no real doctor patient relationship and as soon as the door closes I'm forgotten. I'm ok with this, I expect it. If I wanted more personal care I'd go to a mid-wife. But while I'm there and paying for the doctors time and attention they should give it and be f'ing respectable about it. Douche!

Ok I'm over it. The important part is that she's healthy, has all her parts. Ohh and the placenta previa had all been cleared up and it's now in a superb position. YAY!!

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