Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20 Weeks

That's actually a pic from last week but I missed it because my car broke down and instead of blogging I painted! My dresser was a mess this AM so I skipped it. There isn't a huge difference.

Today we have our anatomy scan. Since we already know what Squish is it will be fun to see her and all her fingers and toes.

I hope I'm not arrested before the appointment. My co-irked is a moron. He's a co-worker not a manager anymore and I now believe it's because he's stupid. We had a client request to be part of a new stock coming out (IPO) so I requested the shares yesterday. You never get your full request so I told the moron today what he got and to let me know if he wanted go purchase so I could enter the order.
He said, "I do all that on my end".
I disagreed so I called my manager to find out the proper procedure. I told the Moron I needed to do it and he yelled, "I know I gave it to you already".
Huh???? I said,"You just said you do the order but it needs to be put on IPO screen with my system. Let me know when the client verifies purchase so I can put the order in."
FC slams something in his office and snaps, "I gave you all this yesterday and it's to be done"
Umm you didn't have shares or a price or client approval yesterday, what exactly was I to buy? You don't understand how sydicate and IPOs work and your the wealthy one people trust. Somethings wrong here and I wish you luck on your walk across the parking lot. The red car will not swerve.

Completly not baby related but oy I needed to vent. He's such an idiot then gets cranky when he's wrong.

As for baby news there isn't much to report. She's still beating up on my right hip nothing seems to work but it's not too bad.

I felt her move on the outside for the first time yesterday. It happened 2x and i was so excited. Paul sat with his hand right on her forever and she didn't wiggle once. I really cannot wait for him to be able to feel her moving.

I was super worried about weight gain because I feel like it's packed on but we are holding steady at 4lbs.

I'm still getting sick at the end of the day during the week. I just cannot figure out why. I guess it's just one of those quirky things.

I'm slayed we are half way! It's so unreal!

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