Friday, December 3, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

It exists. No lie.

I noticed a week or so ago that I was having trouble getting my sentances out correctly. I was transposing words and starting one word and ending with with another. For example, what I wanted to say was..."that's nice" and what actually came out was..."thool". I believe my brain thought "cool" was better than nice and therefore made me look like a fool. It happens daily but I force them from my mind because of how ridiculous I sound.

This morning was the absolute worst and I suppose I should just be thanking my stars we still have a house.

It was business as usual...shower, dress, dog walk, breakfast. But I switched things up and confused my fragile mind! Instead of having instant breakfast in a mug I was having toaster strudel and OJ. I eat in the car so I knew it was going to be a bit more cumbersome to get out of the house. So I gave my pups their treats and loaded up my arms precariously, set the alarm and got out the door without losing strudel or OJ. I had to high five myself as I backed down the drive. It was a true feat of balance. And I was only 3 min behind schedule!!

Then I heard it. The squeeling screech of a Home alarm system. I briefly think, "that's sucks for someone" until I put my car in drive and look up to see my dogs howling at the wide open door and realize it doesn't suck for 'someone' it freaking sucks for ME!!!

I flew back in the driveway. Dropped my toaster strudel on my shirt (delicious icing down of course) Fought with my car door for about 20 seconds, it automatically locks when the car starts. Then ran frantically into the house to turn the alarm off.

I remembered to call the alarm company to let them know it was a false alarm before they called our emergency conctacts. Who happen to be our parents but also have never answered our alarm companies calls for emergency. Well my mom did once for a fire alarm and gave the go-ahead to send the troops. Soo embarassing but she had no way of knowing we weren't trapped in a fiery house. It's a flawed system.

Crisis averted. I re-treat, re-set and close & lock the door to head to work. Hop in the car, put it in drive and prepare to shoot out my drive and scurry to work because I'm now 15 min behin schedule. But I don't fly out of my drive. I fly FORWARD! My garage door coming towards me at warped speed.

I slammed on the breaks just before I crash into the garage and immediatly began to cry. Thank goodness I didn't pull all the way into the driveway when the alarm went off. I picked up my phone intending to call out of work. I surely shouldn't be in public today! Only to change my mind and throw my phone into my cup holder; which also happened to contain my mug of low acid orange juice. My neighbors are definetly chuckling heartily at this point. More tears. Now 20 min behind schedule.

My house is intact, the phone appears to work fine, I made it to work alive and with no mishaps. I was apprehensive about the elevaor but have a worse history with steps. All was good.

I'm staying quiet the rest of the day and avoiding all sharp objects.

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