Tuesday, December 7, 2010

22 Weeks

Oh mylanta!! I can't believe how fast time is flying by!

Seriously though, Mylanta = my best friend! The heartburn is unreal. Not helped at all by my new love of oranges and their juice.

::pausing for women who have already been pregnant to say, "ohh hee hee ho ho haha just wait till later it only gets worse"::

::pausing for me to think, "oh thank you for that oh so helpful insight. Keep that abundance of advice coming. It must be nice to have never experienced something for the FIRST time"::

Most irritating statement of all time. /vent

This week was a whirlwind of excitement. Rileys future bestie, Allison, arrived on Tuesday the 30th. Happy one week birthday Allie!!!

Allie was a little nugget at 5lb 4oz and needed some extra help with eating and body temp. She rebounded like a champ and came home yesterday!! Which means that I gets to hug and squeeze her and love her TONIGHT! I can't wait!

I think Riley might have sensed the anticipation and excitement surrounding this week because she's been a ball of activity. Every night Paul gets a chance to feel her kicking and punching away. It's been fun to feel her get stronger/bigger each week.

The weirdest moment was last night when she managed to ball herself up on my left side, which caused my belly to be lopsided. Something I knew would happen but that I wasn't quite ready for.

The creepiness of it all hasn't worn off at all. I thought I might get used to the sensations but not yet. Maybe I will eventually.

How Far Along 22 Weeks
How Much Weight Gain 6lbs
Maternity Clothes everything except some t-shirts and sweats
Stretch Marks None new. I fell off the Palmers wagon so I need to start doing better
Baby Movement Everyday and Dad gets to feel to. We should soon be able to see some movement too!
Cravings Oranges
Food Aversions none
What Do You Miss surprisingly nothing at the moment
Best Part of Last Week Yesterday the guys came to install our fence!! Aren't the pups adorable without their leashes or their momma freezing her buns off!


  1. OMG. I am about to punch the next person who writes on MY friend's fb statuses.. just wait or it will get worse comments on RANDOM crap and half the time she is not even posting about her pregnancy. her and i are due the same day and have lots of fun facebook chatting making fun of those douches. like seriously? this is helpful? and really, you are not the pregnancy expert so leave her aloneeeeeeeeeee.