Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm going to talk about vomit, ok? Don't read further if vom details make you ill.

I want to rip my esophagus out. It burns and aches and nothing is making it better.

I have heartburn. Big deal right? You're pregnant you're supposed to have HB. Wrong, not like this. I refuse to believe it.

Whatever causes the burn in heartburn (acid, food, what-the-frick-ever it is) is so abundant that I'm actually vomiting a few times a night. For the last 4 nights!!! The instant I lay down I feel it coming on. At first it's not so bad, then it creeps. Slowly. Often I get to fall asleep for a few minutes before I wake up with my chest and throat on fire. Last night I almost didn't make it to the bathroom.

I try to sleep upright but that causes my hips and neck to ache. At this point though upright, sideways or upside down means nothing. It's like I sprung a leak but more like a Titanic sized hole.

Liquid Mylanta or Maalox works for about 10 minutes and is enough to relief to get some good breathing in. Because did you know that if you are having reflux a deep breath actually opens the flood gates. I just learned that, I think no one should learn it by trial.

The burn is so intense. It radiates out to my boobs and up into my ears and nose. Then once I vomit I can't swallow for a bit and instinctually want to cough and clear my throat, which opens the flood gates again.

I called the OB. They aren't even going to see me. They don't feel they would be any help with the severity and have referred me out to an GI Specialist. Who is fabulously booked until MARCH!!! Freaking March!!! I won't make it that long. I haven't slept in 4 days!! I think my throat has holes in it!! So I'm seeing a nurse practitioner. The only NP I've ever seen is my gynos and I dislike her very much. I'm trying to keep an open mind though. If she can get me some sleep I will love her forever.

Monday at 9:30. Hopefully Monday night I will be sleeping again. I cannot go on like this.

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