Wednesday, January 19, 2011

28 Weeks!

This last week has been very trying. I was diagnosed with GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or just reflux. I don't know why it Needs a weird name. It's been brutal. I've had 3 successful nights out of 7. Im calling last night successful because I didn't vom i just had severe burn. I did go to a GI about it but they prescribed a med that my OB isn't comfortable prescribing. The nurse, Judy, as in Attitudy Judy, was a big ole snot and pissed me off and made me feel horrendously guilty. She actually said, "if your comfort level is that important you can weigh the risks yourself". Ouch bitch! Obviously nothing is more important than my child but pardon the F*** outta me for thinking there might be something to be done.

So I have a big list of foods to avoid and am taking Pepcid and Gavescon, which I have found to be the most acid reducing combination. If it really hurts I swig some Maalox because it has a numbing agent that can sometimes gives enough relief to let me sleep.

No real complaints though. She moves a ton and it's so cool to see. Her kicks make my whole middle jiggle and wobble, weird. I like resting the remote or my cell on top of my belly to see her move it.

We had our birthing class. Total waste of time. Being an information-holic I got nothing new out of it, neither did Paul. Ohh he did learn which way diaper tabs go but pointless because we are cloth diapering. We were supposed to watch a video, which maybe would have guided the class and given more info but they didn't have it. Whatever.

I talked to Paul about HypnoBirthing last night. He's not exactly on board with it but then he doesn't really know anything about it. Neither do I really. It's something I'd like to learn more about though. Its not pocket watch waving quack like a duck hypnosis. It's relaxation techniques, which is something my over stressed anxiety ridden self could benefit from. Believe me I have no expectations of our birth nor will I be making a "birth plan". It will go how it goes but I do think there are ways and techniques to make it easier on myself. Then maybe I'm just fascinated by the whole thing and want to know everything I possibly can.

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