Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No More Tears

So I have decided that Riley can never ever cry or be upset about anything a bottle or fresh Pamper can't cure immediately. Why? Because of this face...

Oh mylanta it is breathtakingly beautifully heartbreaking. I cry looking at it because she is upset but also because that lip is so stinkin cute!

I mean come on!

She's just so sweet and happy it distresses me tremendously to have something rock her perfect little world. Nothing should ever hurt her or make her sad or anything negative. I only hope it's a long time before she realizes that lip can take me to my knees in any desperate attempt to fix whatever is wrong.

You know those home videos of the crazy sideline moms running onto the field when their kids get tackled or knocked down? Keep your eyes peeled for mine in 10yrs. I fear we may need to avoid contact sports and stick to ballet. Since the first little soccer hood rat that trips my baby or kicks a ball too hard in her direction is going to have my size 10 where the sun don't shine!

Ok, so maybe not; but I'd be on that field with my fully stocked fanny pack with all my first aid essentials and a lollipop for smiles before anyone could stop me. Yeah, ballet sounds good.

No dating either. Heaven help the first evil little boy that breaks her heart.


  1. bahahahahaha that face and you crack me up.

  2. Oh my good God, Rachel...could you ever imagine getting mad at her with that little face??

  3. oh good lord she's already got the lip down pat. you are doomed sister friend!