Monday, May 16, 2011

Cry baby

Not Riley, me!

Riley has an awesome 1 month well baby check. She is in the 97th percentile on weight and length at 11lb 3.5 oz and 23 inches. Grow baby grow! They said her goopy eye is likely a blocked duct. We got a quick eye anatomy lesson and were relieved to hear it's perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. We talked about her spit up and were again told it's ok. We can feed on demand instead of on a schedule since shes packing on the pounds so well. All in all she's perfect, which we kind of knew!

She got her HebB shot and as soon as the doc told us she would get a shot I immediately started tearing up. The tears spilled over the second the nurse entered the room. Thank goodness Paul was there because I couldn't watch. Riley let out a small holler but settled down instantly. I on the other hand continued to tear and sniffle. She's just so happy and laid back, it breaks my heart to upset her or cause her any pain. As you can see below shes just fine.

I'm chalking my crying up to a long night. Ry dozed last night from 9-10:30/11, when she finally went down and stayed down. She woke up for her normal feeding at 2:00 but then decided she wanted to play for a few hours. Finally I took her to bed with me around 4:15 and she finally fell asleep a little after 4:30. Of course it was closer to 5 for me and daddy gets up at 6:15. Ouch. We also have a jam packed day a head of us. Mama is feeling crazed.

Clearly Ry is not...

Happy as can be!

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