Friday, May 13, 2011

One Month

I can hardly believe it! I don't want to believe it!

I have been slacking on the blogging and I know the internets are desperate to hear whats going on in our world.

This last month has been an absolute joy. More than I could ever want or ask for. Riley is perfect in every way and that's not because I'm biased. Really it's not, she is. ;)

We are working through some reflux issues and have seen some small improvements. She doesn't have the screaming painful acid reflux and for that we are so thankful. Instead she pukes. Projectile. Many of her feedings end up on us and the couch. I am more traumatized than her though. I cry about it and she just side eyes me like, "WTF is your deal lady".

After she gets sick and is cleaned up she replaces what she ate and almost always keeps it down. It's a fun little game we play. We visited the doctor this past Monday and they are not concerned at all. She clocked in at a whooping 10 pounds 11 ounces, almost 2 pounds more than her birth weight! So we know she is eating well.

The amount of laundry I do is astronomical. In part my fault because of my determination to use cloth diapers. We are part time cd'ers. She does not wear them when we are out or at night time. We probably use about 4-5 disposables a day when we stay home. Im happy we are using them and have found a happy balance.

I left her for the first time for a few hours with Paul last weekend and it felt nice to get out and enjoy myself a bit. I'm still not comfortable to leave her with anyone but Paul. I'm not sure why. Some are acting like it's a problem and I need to get over it. Or at least I feel like that. Maybe I'm paranoid. I haven't HAD to and once I get over that initial hump I'm sure it will all be good. Until then I don't think it's happening.

Paul is a natural with her and is super helpful! I don't have to do a single feeding or diaper change in the evening if I don't want to. She looks so big but in his arms so tiny. I love watching them together.

I can't wait too see her grow!

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  1. It is NOT a problem to only want to leave her with your husband. Now if she is like 4 and that happens? Yeah problem. ;) You are a fantastic mother!