Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready for No. 2

Fine, not really. Maybe a little. Whatever happens?

I had my 6 week post delivery check up yesterday and all is gravy. I have healed well and do not need to go back for a year. Unless I get pregnant again.

They asked about birth control and I was so relived to be able to say "no thanks". We have decided to stay off hormonal BC and let my body do what it does. We are concerned that messing with my system with artificial hormones will cause additional issues. By staying off of the BC we will also know what my body is doing and where I am with my fertility.

I will probably start temping to avoid once Riley is a bit older and we are on a consistent wake schedule. Temping/charting will also let me know if I'm ovulating and when, which will help when we are ready for #2. Our RE (reproductive endocrinologist) does not require repeat patients with a diagnosis to try for a year before returning. After many discussions we will try on our own for awhile if my charts show ovulation and proper leuteal phase.

We have been very spoiled with the trifecta of perfection. Easy pregnancy, easy birth, easy baby. This is probably why there is little hesitation for a second and we are ok if they are slightly closer in age than "ideal".

Also, I miss being pregnant! I loved it all of it. I loved my big belly and feeling Riley move. It was like my own little secret that I didn't have to share. She was all mine. When I was at the drs on Thursday I saw a couple who was there for her monthly check up and I was so jealous. I miss our appointments and the excitement.

Don't get me wrong I would not trade Riley for an inside baby. She is a joy and there is daily excitement in seeing her grow. I guess I want my cake and eat it too. But at the same time I'm not ready to take any attention away from R.

I'm surprised that I miss being pregnant. In reality I know we aren't ready for it right now, that would be crazy. I want to have cocktails and enjoy R for awhile. Since it's 5:00 somewhere its about time for one of those cocktails!

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