Tuesday, June 28, 2011

11 Weeks Old

Where has the time gone! I feel like Riley just got here yet has been here forever.

I haven't been blogging nearly enough and I need to get back on track. While yesterdays post left me in tears it made me feel better to put it out there. Going back to work will allow for more blogging time. Sad, right? I have honestly been savoring every single moment I possibly can.

We are moving her up to 5 ounces this week. We bad been sticking with 4 every 2 hours but it's time consuming and daycare might have a coronary if I keep it up. She did great with her first bottle today and kept it all down.

Every day she seems to change so much. Here's what we are up to...

Weight: unofficial estimate, close to 15lbs
Height: 24 inches
Clothes: 3-6 mo. We need to buy 6mo sleepers because she is too long!
Sleep: 9/9:30 to 7/7:30 for 2 weeks straight. I'm in love ;)
Naps: hit or miss. Usually 2 hrs in the morning and 2 in the late afternoon. A few little cat naps in between
Vocal: she coos and and ohhs and ahhs
Muscle: she loves standing and sitting up. We are NOT a fan of laying down unless we are eating
Toys: we still hate the swing. She loves her play mat and kicking her feet to get the rattle shaking!

Riley smiles all freaking day. It's so funny and precious. She's working on getting a giggle out but we haven't heard it yet.

She still prefers to sleep on me for her naps and I know it's a habit that needs to be broken but eh, whatever.

We think we have a bit of tooth action happening. She's chewing and drooling and has two very tiny white spots on her upper gums. Time will tell!

Everyday we fall a little more in love.

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