Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mama Bear is Angry

So seriously, I'm looking for opinions. I almost never ask for other opinions because everyones got one and I don't like to argue. Haha who am I kidding I love a good fight. For realz, I'm interested in what the interwebz think. Moms, dads, friends, random people who like to share their thoughts tell me what you think.

Riley has been in daycare for 4 days. I can't say I'm impressed. In all honesty, I'm less than content, which isn't saying much. I worked in a daycare for a long time and I'd like to think that in many ways that helps me be more tolerant because I know and understand it's hard work. On the other hand I might be a bit too aware.

Last week everyday I picked Riley up she was the only child, in a dingy bouncy with no toys. Two of the days the director was in the room (the regular infant teacher was on vacation) with her daughter who is approximately 2.5 years old. The director was cleaning up. By cleaning I mean straightening not actual toy or surface cleaning and talking with her child. The third day another teacher was in there and was actually interacting with Riley, who again was the only baby left. Neither teacher could really give me any info about her day or how/where she had slept.

The one day I called to see how she was and the director said she's fine. So I asked how her naps were She put me on hold to ask the teacher because she hadn't been in the room all day. I'm curious as to how she knew the baby was "fine".

Today I drop off and the assistant director (AD) was in the infant room with 2 older babies (9/10 months). She was working on a laptop. She giggled and said, "haha multitasking". Maybe I'm being bitchy but to me multitasking in an infant room is bottle feeding one and spoon feeding another, changing one and wiping snot from another. Not working on a computer.

One of those babies had thick green snot running down to his chin. I gagged, legit, gagged. My baby picked up a nasty virus and was in the ER after only 3 days in that germ bucket. I understand that with daycare comes the unending runny nose but by wiping noses before the child is eating it can help cut down on the number of germs spread.

I was followed into the room by another teacher and before I could explain Rileys cold or her instructions for the day the AD said, "I'll be right back John Doe has a stinky diaper, I will take care of it when I get back". If you knew the child crapped, why were you on the computer? Why are you waiting to change him until you get back? Clearly you knew he was poopy!!

I called to speak with the director about my concerns and she stated, "well she's our AD". I guess I missed how her being the AD meant she was not required to tend to the children who's parents pay a large sum of weekly money to have their babies cared for. Ms. Director said, "well she was doing labor reports require by our corporate office." Again, I must have missed where a corporate politics fell higher than actual child care. There was no apology. There was no we will make sure it doesn't happen again.

I did just receive a call from the regional director who assured me this was unacceptable and she would be looking into it. Now I'm concerned that we will be labeled "that" family.

My gut says to pull her. Am I over reacting? Being a psycho first time mom? Are my concerns legit? Am I the one out of line?

ETA: the request for opinions is pure curiosity. After speaking and touring other centers Paul and I will ultimately decide what is best for Riley.


  1. As someone who has also worked in a daycare for many years, I think this is completely unacceptable. When I worked for the daycare the infants each had their own crib and bouncy seats and if the babies were napping we would disinfect the toys and clean up the room.
    Kids going to daycare are obviously going to pick up germs, but it was our job to limit those germs. A child with snot running down his face just spells neglect to me. Of course I say all this while not having my own children and can only imagine the rage and anger you are feeling. I say let 'em have it.

  2. Rachel, once you get pregnant, that maternal instinct kicks in and it gets stronger and more accurate as time passes. Regardless of your past experience with day care, you are Riley's mom and you need to be comfortable when you leave her with someone else for an entire day. It's good that you got the attention of the Regional Director so maybe things will improve. As for being labeled as "that family", that may happen because in my experience, many people resent being called out on not doing their job. But they'll be doing their job, regardless of their opinions. You have standards for the care of your child, as you should. There are centers who will meet your standards. If this one isn't, then that's something worth considering. Good luck!