Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mom Brain

At some point in your life you look at your mother and think, "something is wrong with this woman!". You don't have to admit it but you've all done it.

It's not her fault. It's pregnancy it sucks away your short term memory like a sponge. No matter how much you squeeze that damn sponge trying to remember nothing comes back.

Yesterday, I went to the basement 4 times for toilet paper. 4 freaking times, not once did I come up with a roll. Clearly, remembering to go to the basement for the TP would tell you that I know there is none in the bathroom. Nope. When I finally remembered that I had to pee three hours ago I went right upstairs and did the business. Then smacked myself. Duh! You KNEW this!!!

A smart woman would have walked right downstairs to get the roll. Did I? Nope. Well I walked downstairs but instead realized I didn't feed the fish that morning, 9hrs ago. So I fed them and the toilet paper was a thing of the past.

One day a few weeks ago At 8pm the damn dogs would not leave me alone. I was very quickly loosing my patience because they were constantly underfoot and in may way. Around 9pm the baby was asleep and I couldn't find either dog. I went to the laundry room to switch loads and both were sitting at the back door. Sweet Jesus I hadn't let them out since 6am!!! The look of pure hatred from Sport was near too much to bear. There were not enough Beggin Strips on the planet to win back their love. Even my idiot Franklin wanted nothing to do with me.

There is a road closes on my way to work, I knew this before I started back on Tuesday. I can picture the sign stating and the dates it is closed. Every morning I left the house reminding myself. Every morning I drove straight pass the detour and headed for the closed road. Every morning I busted a u turn and went right back the way I came. WTF is wrong with me!!

I spend a good majority of my day smacking my forehead and saying "duh". There is very little faith that things will get better.

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