Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whistle While You Work

Or cry, you know depending on the day.

Today marks the end of my first week back at work. It hasn't been as bad as I expected it to be. The mornings have been pretty nice. I rise at 6, get myself strung out on caffeine and prepare for the day. She gets up around 7 and we Snuggle and play and have breakfast. Around 7:45 we wake up Paul and I leave at 8. Paul takes her in around 9:30/10. So far it's been nice. Nice as in calm not nice as in I enjoy this.

Next week is going to be very different as Paul leaves for Memphis and I need to get the babe to school by 7:45 (minimum). I guess that means I will be up at 5:30ish. There may or may not be enough coffee in my county for next week.

As for the emotional part of working, I think I'm doing ok. Tuesday I lucked out and my manager was in the office, which gave me an extra person to chat with. I left the house a blubbering mess weeping and snotting all over the poor child. She was probably more happy to see me walk out the door so her daddy could dry my tears off her poor cheeks. I only cried again when Paul called to let me know he had dropped her off. She had a rough evening because she didn't nap at daycare. Like 20min here or 30 min there. She was exhausted.

Wednesday I didn't shed a single tear. Go mama! All growed up! Until I got her home and realized she only had 3 oz since 1 and she did the cat nap thing again. So she guzzled a huge bottle. Puked twice. Guzzled some more. Puked again. All this while screaming her frustration and anger at me. It was anger, I could see it in her eyes. She was blaming me. This was all my fault and I could t fix it. So I cried and cried and snotted all over her again.

Today I wept a little on the way to work. Desperately wanting to be with my little love but scared to death to see what tonight will bring. My fingers are crossed that on day 3 she's feeling comfortable enough to sleep. If she even gets one 2 hour nap in she will be ok. Fingers crossed. As of 2 she hadn't puked so that is usually a good sign.

I have only one complaint about her school and that's that they insist on using these awful labels with super glue like adhesive that I cannot get off. All of her daycare bottles now have this film of adhesive that everything under the sun sticks to. I have tried everything to get it off including soaking, soaping, dishwasher and a magic eraser. The magic eraser did the best but it's still there and makes the bottle look dirty. I need to find some cling labels that I can stick on and they can write and remove without leaving the gross behind. Suggestions welcome!

Her regular teacher is on vacation this week...figures. But so far I have liked everyone in her room.

Fingers crossed that next week is a bit better!

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  1. (((hugs)))

    I recommend goo gone for the labels. Works like a charm!