Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 Months!!

I cannot believe the little squish is 4 months old already. She's such a big girl!

We had her 4mo appointment on Monday and she's growing like a weed. 15lb 11oz and 26.5 inches long. Shes so tall and a little skinny mini. We are actually starting to work her into some 9mo sleepers because her little toes get scrunched in 6mo clothes.

She is an amazingly happy little girl. She sleeps from about 8 to 6:30/7:30. Every morning she wakes up talking away in there. I usually leave her alone for a few minutes to listen and let her stretch her sleeps out before getting in her face. When we do go in she's all smiles and giggles.

We got our first real belly laugh out of her this week and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. She's rolling both ways now but only on her terms. She does not do it on demand and she does not appreciate the requests.

She is adjusting to daycare well and is finally starting to eat better. Her teachers are awesome and have been working on ways to give her more food and to get her to sleep a bit better.

We started solids by the spoon this week and she really isn't very interested. Probably because it's some nasty stuff. Right now it's just oatmeal and in a couple weeks we will work in some sweet potatoes. I decided to make all of her food myself, instead of buying jars. Why? I have no freaking clue, probably because I'm damaged in the head and certainly because I needed to add yet another activity to my roster.

Its nasty. She hates it. I'm not even sure she's swallowing any. I'm hoping that once we add some veggies the flavor will improve and she will enjoy it more. Or at least tolerate it.

I made her sweet potatoes the other night. It was super easy. Baked them for 50min at 400 degrees then dropped them in the processor with 6 oz of formula to thin it out. Total actual work time was maybe 20 minutes. She better love them.

We started playing with a sippy, she gets it a solid meal times. Just trying to introduce it so she's familiar and comfortable. It only ends up in her mouth because everything else does.

She still loves her cloth. She shoves anything she can reach in her mouth and sucks on it. I am glad it's not her thumb because i would rather not have to break that habit. Is she's anything like me, it would take years and lots of screaming. The cloth thing is kind of gross though.

If possible we fall more in love everyday.

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  1. Happy 4 months, little one! That photo is SO funny.