Friday, August 5, 2011

My My How Things Have Changed

I don't know if it's been a gradual acceptance or if when you give birth a switch goes off and your body naturally accepts certain things. Just a small list of things I've noticed are different...

The ability to function on very little sleep did not die a tragic death with the end of my early 20s as previously thought.

There is no such thing as too hot coffee. You get that coffee down any way you need to as fast as you can. Taste buds heal. Or too cold for that matter.

There is no limit to the amount of caffein you should have in a day. And 9pm is not too late, you need it to get to 9:30

You really don't NEED food.

Showering to the tune of Alouette becomes eerily calming.

Your bladder has no limits.

The snooze button taunts you. You have no use for it or the 9 minutes it offers.

There is no shame in the red light rock. You know when you tap the break at a stop light so that the car never actually stops moving. Plus the kid in the Honda next to you, who still has an appreciation for the snooze button, always thinks you are trying to race.

The red light rock and your childs extreme anger over not being able to fit the WHOLE toy in her mouth may be your only entertainment in the day. Make the best of it and give her a bigger toy!

You can sing "I'm An Alligator", fold laundry, watch a movie and text at the same time without missing a beat

There is no more shame. I can walk through target "moo'ing" like a fool because yes, that is what a cow says, and no I don't really care who's laughing behind me because my kid is quiet.

The worry in unending.

Love really is limitless.

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