Monday, August 1, 2011

The First Day Our World Changed

It was a Sunday. The day after the final Brooks and Dunn concert in Camden. The day after a 12 hour parking lot beer marathon. One year ago today we saw that beautiful word "pregnant" on a home pregnancy test. Think I'm lying? Oh no there are pictures...

There are pictures because I was sure it was a dream. After all I was likely still drunk from the night before I knew I was seeing things. That's weird right?

I actually took about 5 tests that morning. The Walgreens lady thought I was bananas.

Just 2 days prior we had an ultrasound and they told me I wasn't. They were not impressed with my chart. There was no indication of pregnancy. Just a ton of cysts covering my ovaries. An additional butt load of tests were ordered and we were told we would need clomid (a drug to help ovulation) at the very least to get pregnant. That a "natural" conception was unlikely.

Since we were working on the longest cycle yet for my body if I didn't have my period by Monday they were going to prescribe Provera to start it medically.

I only took the first test that morning to be extra sure. A desperate hope that maybe, just maybe they could be wrong. I was shocked and scared.

I had to tell someone. Paul didn't count. I called one of my favorite people. One of the few who knew everything and she told me to "shut up". It was just right. After I got that one "tell" out of me we decided to keep quiet for awhile.

It's a day i will never forget. That one little word that changed everything. Fixed everything. Made it all right again. One little word that lasted 9 months and gave me this beautiful little almost 4 month old that makes my heart melt every single day.

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