Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peaches (Stage One)

We will be introducing fruit in about a week or two and decided to start with peaches! Mostly because we have them.

I have honestly found that the most amazing peaches in our area can be found at Sams Club. We have yet to get a bad peach.

You might consider buying organic when it comes to peaches. Peaches are one of the Dirty Dozen, which is a list compiled by EGW of the foods most commonly found to contain pesticide residue.

Scrub fruit well and cut an "X" into one side
Place fruit in sauce pan with 1 inch of water
Bring to a boil and steam until tender (a knife slid in and out easily)
Allow to cool, peel, pit & slice
Place in food processor and puree until smooth. Use the left over cooking water to thin if needed

I did not need to use any type of liquid to thin further. The peaches pureed very well without it.

2 peaches gave me 14 one ounce cubes.

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