Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby Let's Cruise

I was going to save it for the 9 month letter but it deserves it's own post.

The video quality is poor & it was taken a little over 2 weeks ago. Miss Ry was 8mo 2wks. She had only been crawling belly up for about 2 weeks when she started pulling up to her knees and quickly after her feet. For awhile we were anxiously supporting her waist sure she would topple instantly but she would push our hands away.

We first noticed that she had the skills to cruise in her crib. We had recently dropped the crib and the rails were now at the perfect height to go from knees to feet. She slowly side stepped the edges and made a full loop.

Figured we'd see how she did at the couch and the girl was off! There is no stopping her now. She's a speedy little thing too. She starts by the toys and makes her way around the couch & end table. When whatever is on the end table bores her she drops to her tush and crawls to the dining room table where she makes her way to each of the chairs. Sometimes she comes back, usually she just heads for the kitchen. We need gates.

Her only obstacle seems to be that she cannot go left. It's righty only. When she hits a wall or has nothing left to hold onto she looks around in bewilderment, as if trying to plan the next move. She tries to go left but always moves her right foot first and then ends up twisted. She's really in a pickle then and lets us know.

She's finally figured out how to pull up to the second book shelf, which is optimal cruising height. I guess they will be cleared off by tonight.

It's fun to watch her go but it's nerve wracking too. Everything is so hard and pointy. I get really nervous every time she tries something new but I don't want to stop her. So I hover.

Today I was watching her at the day care and it was so cool to finally be able to see her join the other kids. She's the youngest by a month and while she could always crawl it didn't seem to attract her much. There is only one other non walker in her room. Today she was playing with blocks and went over to a shelf, cruised up and around it & down the wall to get to the books. Where she plopped on her butt and started page flipping. It makes me feel so much better that she is able to get what she wants, rather than being reliant on someone to move her. In a room like hers it's important.

She likes her walker but more to play with right now. It moved a bit too fast for her so we added weight to slow it down. That seems to help until she sees the pretty lights or needs to answer the phone rattle.

I have to wonder if this level of excitement for her activities will continue her whole life for me. I'm not a crier but man these last 9 months have been intense!

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