Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 Month Letter

Dear Ry,
9 months. Just like every other month I can hardly believe it. I don't know why 9 months feels like such an accomplishment. Maybe because we are well out of newborn and heading full steam toward toddlerhood.

Just like every other month I am amazed at you. Your beauty, your joy, your curiosity, your intelligence.

This month has been huge for you! Here is what you've accomplished this month...
Going from laying down to sitting up
Crawling on your hands and knees
Pulling up to your knees followed very quickly by
Pulling up to your feet
Squatting and holding on to sit from standing. This is your newest and so much more graceful than your previous plop
Cruising to the right on anything you can hold on to.
Totally table food. No more purées
So Big

As you can see little lady it's been a big month. Every time I turn around you've got something new going on. I can barely handle it. We've lowered your crib and I can't reach you for a good night kiss anymore. No lies girlfriend I cried that night.

Your first Christmas was a smashing success. You adored Santa, he apparently adored you too if our living room floor has anything to say about it.

We did our very first Christmas project and it turned out great. The grandparents loved them!

You've got some sass in you girl. I'm sure I will regret it later but I like it. When you don't like something or don't want to take another bite you set your jaw and ball both your fists in the air & shake them at us. Hilarious...for now. We've ducked and covered from flying sippy or two.

We decided to get rid of the bath seat & you just bathe in the tub. It's not with it. You are never
still. You just try to climb out of whatever contraption we put you in. So baby tubs are gone, anxiety is in. You love your little 3 inches of water and cavernous space to move.

Who knows what's going to happen this month. I can hardly stand it. We are getting the early planning of your birthday in. Well I am, daddy is just nodding. That's ok, a nod is all a girl needs. Minnie Mouse will rule the show with hot pink and zebra print. It's lavish but birthdays are a big deal. It's your first and it's our first too.

Good grief kid, you have been wonderful. These 9 months have been more than we could ever ask for. Everyday is new & fun, you keep things moving and I'm tired but its a tired that's wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing.

Momma & Da


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  2. Darn it, I missed a word so I was trying to fix it.

    I got a little teary at her crib being to low for a kiss too! :(

    She is getting so big!