Wednesday, August 1, 2012

24 Weeks!

Woohooo! Viability day! Meaning that, God forbid, if I were to have to deliver our little Nora could survive outside the womb. I used to think this was a bit morbid. V-day didn't stand out in my mind so much with Riley. I've carried a huge amount of anxiety with this pregnancy. Only recently have I started to be able to shake it. Hitting 24 weeks was a huge weight off of my shoulders. Also, kids a bruiser. I'm pretty sure she's knocked my right kidney out of commission.

I have no belly picture today but it's grown to what I feel are massive proportions. Poor Riley, her sister is already getting in her way and being a bug. Ry tries to sit on my lap when we read books but my bump gets in the way & she cannot sit how she likes to. It's cute because she tries to push me out of the way.

Hitting 24 weeks and feeling my anxiety ease up has brought on another set of worries. Like, ummm, how the effity efferson am I going to get everything done in the next 16 weeks (which is actually closer to 15). I have a list on my fridge of big organizations that have been put off, I'm slowly checking them off & decluttering. S L O W L Y Everything for Nora is pretty cut and dry, I need to get some bottles & take inventory of clothes & buy some tiny winter stuff but not too much else. Riley needs a whole room, which is driving me batty.

I can't believe it's August. August is a lot more intimidating than July. There is only Sept & Oct between August and November. 3 more months. Psh no gotta be off.

How far along: 24 Weeks 5 Days

Fruit of the week: Eggplant

How big is baby: 9 inches, 1.7lbs (but we have been averaging a bit heavier)

Total weight gain: Who knows. I can't even let myself care that I'm gaining like livestock

Sleep: interupted. She has parked herself directly on my bladder, making it fill faster and empty slower. I think I was up 5 times last night. The worst is 5:30 because I'm still tired but the alarm goes off at 6

Maternity clothes: Ugh. I normally love a good maternity shirt. It's wonderful. Makes the boobs look good, the belly look big, the elastic & stretch who can go wrong! Me. 24 weeks & I'm tenting already. As in they aren't long enough to cover the elastic panel of my pants & the girth that is my stomach.

Food cravings: Nothing really. I randomly made a big pitcher of iced coffee, which I drink like never

Food aversions: Please if it's in front of me I'll eat it.

Challenges: Breathing. While her feet may be on my bladder her head has replaced on of my lungs. I can't lay on my back without being propped at all now because I feel like I'm suffocating. A new and interesting development.

Movement: She's a kicker. You could see it while laying down for a few weeks but now I can see her move from the outside no matter what position. Creepy little thing

Boy or Girl?: GIRL! Nora Laine (I'm falling more in love with this name every week) It means awesome path if you wondered

Best moment this week: I turned 30. The big 3-0. I'm in my 30s.

What I’m looking forward to: I'm ready to meet her. Is she going to look like Riley? Is she going to be the exact opposite & look like Daddy? Blue or brown? Blonde or brown? Pale or dark? Gorgeous of course.

What I miss: Beer, forever and always (still hasn't changed)

Next appointment: 8/9 regular OB appt. I need to do my glucose test but I haven't been able to drag myself there. Maybe we'll do it on friday.

No bump pic but here is the gorgeous ring Paul got me to celebrate the big 3-0. I absolutely love it! The center is a blue diamond & the side stones are chocolate diamonds. He picked & designed it himself so it's totally unique & amazing!

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