Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nothing Mini About It

A minivan is oh so not mini. The Dodge Caravans, green of course, of the mid 90s are a thing of the past. You know the ones I'm talking about. The one that you ran for missing socks & shoes the minute your parents said you were going somewhere just so that you could scramble frantically for the third row so you didn't have to share the obnoxious short seat with your equally obnoxious little sister. Also in the third seat you could pluck the back of said obnoxious sisters head and dad could only reach her for the abnormally painful calf squeeze as he told you to knock it off for the 90th time. The one you slumped miserably in behind windows that were not tinted while Michael Bolton & Chystal Gayle blared from the radio & you prayed no one would see you.

I swear, they aren't the same anymore. I know because I now own one. ::GASP:: ::FAINT:: Say it isn't so.

It is.

This is not a decision I came to lightly. We have been discussing my car situation for over two years. I held my head high and proudly proclaimed I would not be a minivan momma. They just weren't made for me they lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. Three row SUV, now thats what I was made for. It was the only thing that made sense. Ideally 3+ kids, stay at home mom, I needed something rugged and hearty to haul my litter with.

The more we looked the more I waivered. The vans better equipped were $1000s cheaper than the SUVs. They also came better equipped & with higher safety standards. Add in bigger doors, lower thresholds, deeper cargo areas, fold away seats and endless driver leg room potential and my fight was complete. The van had beat me. Its practicality is unmatched, it would have been wasteful to go a different route.

I hear myself at 28 a measly 2 years ago laughing at the van. Saying how that will never be me. Oh how wrong I was.

Honestly, so far, I love it. It's like driving a lazyboy, it's so comfy. Not to mention is a huge upgrade in features compared to my Altima. I did have to hold out strong on the touch screen. If I was going to drive a van I was getting a touch dash, it was only fair. It's umm kind of amazing.

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