Thursday, September 27, 2012

32 Weeks

How far along: 32w5d

Time left: 7w2d (yikes!)

Fruit of the week: Honeydew

How big is baby: 19in 4.5

Total weight gain: 13 holding strong here.

Sleep: Fabulous. I'm so exhausted I don't even get up to pee

Food cravings: Italian hoagies w/ lays potato chips. Thanks C! They are all I've thought of this week.

Food aversions: Nothing really

Challenges: Rib pain. The coughing fits from my cold & just my general spreading has caused a lot of lower rib pain. I do not like sitting at my desk. HA but then when did I ever.

Movement: Slowing down. She gets in her jabs though

Boy or Girl?: GIRL! Nora Laine

Best moment this week: picked a newborn photog & the girls outfits & I'm super pumped.

What I’m looking forward to: I want to see this little face.

What I miss: my friends. I don't think I've seen anyone in over a month, likely longer...yep still my friends. I need to get out

Next appointment: Oct 10, had one yesterday.

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