Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beginners Luck

Last Thursday (5 days ago) we made the transition to Riley's new room & new toddler bed. Its been a while since we have had an unnatural transition, meaning one that Riley didn't initiate herself (bottles, solids, etc). I was very nervous & unsure of how this move would go.

She helped clean out the new bedroom & we spend a lot of time in the room checking stuff out. The toddler bed hung out in our living room for a few days. She climbed on it & rolled around & got in and out. We set up the room on Monday & she played & messed around exploring & seeing all her new stuff. We were going to make the move Monday but I had to work on Tuesday & I was afraid of a sleepless night. So instead we waited & let her spend the next few days just playing and feeling things out.

By Thursday she was ready! After our sippy & snuggle she picked up her blanket, said "night night" and climbed the stairs. She went right to her new room climbed on her bed and that was the last we heard of her. Friday night was much of the same. It was very bittersweet for me. My baby didn't need me! She wasn't a baby & she was just fine in her big monster filled room without her momma.

UNTIL...Saturday morning at 4:30am. When nothing but momma would calm her. She ended up in my bed because...well because I'm 8 damn months pregnant and effing tired. She went right down for her nap on Saturday & helped herself to bed Saturday night. So I think that was just a random bad morning.

It wasn't until Sunday that we heard the jangle of the door nob after bed. Both Sunday & Monday she climbed the steps all ready for her bed BUT she had no interest in staying in bed. Monday night was the worst as we must have put her back in that bed at least 20 times. I'd put her in, kiss & love you then leave. Most times I barely made it down the hall before Paul would say she was out already. I reminded myself every single time that it always worked on Nanny 911 & that woman is straight genius. Keep going. Keep trying. She will get sick of this game before I do. Over an hour later and she did.

My big girl is not so big & she does need her momma. I am optimistic that if we keep consistent & stick to the routine this will be a short lived transition phase. Who knows, maybe these last two nights were the fluke, not the first two. Only time will tell. Either way, shes stinking a-freaking-dorable in that toddler bed all snuggled in with her night night.

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