Wednesday, September 12, 2012

30 Weeks!

30 Weeks is a milestone to me. I don't know why. It just feels like the beginning of the end. Only 10 (+/-) more weeks to go. It seems so close but at the same time still surreal, like it's not really happening.

I had a minor meltdown the other day when someone expressed concern over being able to handle Riley & Nora in those first few weeks by myself. No sense in stressing though there isn't another option. We'll take it one minute at a time, we'll survive & hopefully everyone will come out unharmed. I figure people do it with multiples & situations much harder than todder & newborn so we'll make it through.

Other than that I've got no fears. Well, I fear the stay at home mom job. Not due to it's requirements but society & their opinions of it. I've got a long winded post about that but fear the reprocussions of posting it.

How far along: 30w5d

Fruit of the week: Head of lettuce

How big is baby: 18in 3.2lb

Total weight gain: I'll find out tomorrow. I'm hoping I didn't gain everything I lost. At my size gaining is not the MOST important thing

Sleep: We moved Ry to a toddler bed so my sleep is light & interupted

Maternity clothes: nope I'm rocking skinny jeans & a spandex top

Food cravings: Peaches. They are amazing

Food aversions: water. I am so sick of water

Challenges: Contractions. Lots of them quite often. They started last night and were surprisingly uncomfortable.

Movement: She is out of room. It's become less kick & jab and more stretch & roll. I can push back on her now

Boy or Girl?: GIRL! Nora Laine

Best moment this week: I'm doing more shopping & rileys move to her toddler bed. I really think it's going well but there are obviously kinks to work on

What I’m looking forward to: Definetly still L&D. I'm excited to talk to them about what options I have tomorrow morning

What I miss: beer

Next appointment: tomorrow. We are going to discuss some pain management for L&D but I think most of the appointment is going to be about these damn contractions.


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