Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brain Drain

I have gone stupid. Seriously. The number of absurd things I've done in the last week is embarassing.

Here, I will highlight my trip to the grocery store on Monday. I guess I thought Riley was fully potty trained as I never took the diaper bag. Needless to say she went & put her heart and soul into it. Might as well add diapers & wipes to my list of purchases, even though I have multiple cases at home.

What should have taken about 30 minutes took well over an hour because Giant was doing inventory. When they do inventory they turn the products backwards so they know they have been counted. UMMM WTF! I don't know what I'm looking for by nutritional information!

Finally we are done & can leave. As soon as I see my car I see something is off. It looks like the doors are open. No, can't be! Someone broke in! I can't believe it! This wouldn't have happened in they weren't doing inventory. I'll call and complain. But wait! The camera is still there. Your purse is still there. The toys, everything of value still sitting there right on the floor. You dumb ass you never closed the door!

Get home never locked the house either.

Unload, no bread. Damnit it was 2 for $4 of the good kind. Wait, I paid for it, it's on my reciept. Search the car. Search the child & her usual hiding places. Get prematurely mad at the food theif Sport. Nope, I left it at the store somewhere. Probably the cart. The Giant manager laughs at me buts offers a replacement. Thank goodness. It was only 10am but I counted that day as over. We checked out for the rest of it, nothing good was going to happen.

The real kicker came this morning when I dropped Riley off at school. I was a little preoccupied because she cried and it upset me but really there is no excuse for walking around the car & hoping into the passenger seat. Yep. Keys in hand. Completely alone I sat in the passenger seat of my own car. WTF dude. Seriously embarassing to have to climb back out of your car & go the drivers side once you realize no one is there to drive you.

I have decided that I can no longer function. I should probably stop working now.

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  1. I just pictured you sitting in the seat with you lips pursed rolling your eyes at yourself. Best lol of the day!