Tuesday, September 21, 2010

11 Weeks

You have a big head. It's frightening and that's all I'm going to say at the moment.

We were so excited to see you again! You are really moving and grooving in there. I will admit to being completly creeped out that you are like alive and living inside me. Seeing you move and not feeling it is also strange.

I'm not sure if the Squish or a slight stomach bug attacked yesterday but ohhhhhhhhh my gracious. Thank goodness I was on my own doorstep this time. I only hope the neighbors did not witness. Don't want them to think I'm throwing down the scotch on a Monday afternoon.

We went into this appointment as firm a firm 'no thank you' to the first trimester screening (NT Scan). Then our wonderful doc mentioned that they are making great strides with inutero corrections. And now we are firmly on the fence. We only have a few more days to make the decision. I guess we really need to discuss tonight.

Other than yesterday I'm still feeling great! While a touch more tired than usual I'm still able to stay up until around 11 and wake fully rested.

Paul is on board with the cloth diapering. I thought that once we delved past the uber passionate CD'ers love of CD we would find the horror stories and the miserable tedious work load of it all. Yet, nothing. It's all so very simple, economical and safe. We have ordered a couple samples and I hope to visit a CD store to see some more options.

We decided to go public this week. The response has been overwhelming and amazing and unexpected in some areas. Everyone has been wonderful.

We had one belly rub encounter. I let it slide because it was a lightening attack. As someone who does not really enjoy physical contact with the general public I was frozen in horror as the pat happened. It's a personal space issue not an issue with people. I do not understand the pull to touch the random pregnant belly but they are just drawn to it. Once the Squishs movements can be felt, I get it with an invitation first. At this stage in all my bloated glory I was frightened. May the next hand not be so lucky.

Speaking of hands! Squish has 'em and they are no longer webbed. We also have hair follicles, tooth buds and nails. We were also able to see on the u/s the hardening of the bones.

We no longer get weekly appointments so we don't go back to the OB until Oct 15. Hopefully we will get another little peak!

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  1. Hi Rachel and Paul! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you both. Here's a great blog post (and blog in general) about cloth diapering and the decisions they went through. http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/08/the-much-requested-cloth-diaper-post/