Thursday, September 30, 2010

12 Weeks

DISCLAIMER: Assume if I'm blogging it, its all good and fine and I'm simply journaling events for my own enjoyment and future reflection.

It's been quite the week. I'm actually a few days late with posting because on your 12 week birthday you gave us the scare of our lives. If you were older and you know could hear and what not we would have had a very stern discussion about scaring your parents.

Tuesday morning after Paul had left for work and I dragged my sorry tired butt to the restroom I found that I was bleeding. No big. Get dressed. Leave for work. Call the doc. They are just going to tell me to monitor it and then send me on my way. I CAN deal. I decide to call the doc and leave a message with the answering service and wait for a call back. Instead the answering service puts me on hold and gets a nurse (or someone) to come on and tell me to come in right away. Now I panic. They were supposed to tell me it was fine. When they want to see you its a problem. Doctors never want to see you.

So it's no big deal. The one side of the cervix was irritated and bleeding. The used some silver nitrate to stop it, did some cultures, gave me script, bed until it stops for good and limited activity for awhile. I have never felt such relief. So happy that there was nothing that could hurt the Squish and I'm off vacuum duty. (Its shed season if you have a long haired dog you get this joy)

I cannot believe it's our last week in 1st tri! What an awesome little accomplishment! We have our NT scan tomorrow and I'm stoked to see the little Squish again. While our TTC journey was a bit difficult the one thing we did get out of it were a ton of ultrasounds. We have Squishes entire embryonic stages in picture form. The only weeks we are missing are 4,9 & 11. I also found a cool yet creepy website that shows all the stages Fetal Development Videos. I found it interesting anyway.

I'm searching frantically for a baby book that I like. I cannot find one and I'm not happy about it at all. I would really like to just make it myself but I know the ADD will kick in and I will tire of the task before the kid even arrives.

How much you weigh at BFP: 225 (Yes for real, No it doesn't bother me)

Gain or Lost: Nothing

How far along are you?: 12w3d

Any maternity clothing?: Nope. Hoping to hold out for at least a few more weeks

Stretch marks? None new

Belly Button in or out? In, where it should stay for all time

Any baby movement? I'm sure Squish is moving and grooving but I have no idea. Creepy much?

How is Sleeping?: Good. I wake often but still feel rested in the AM

PG Work out plan: PSHHH None, and now I'm on restricted activity for about a week so yeah, none.

Did you actually do your work out plan this past week? Why yes! I can actually say I did

Newly craved food: I'm pretty desperate for Buffalo Chicken Cups. I haven't given in to it yet but only for lack of ingredients. They are never far from my mind.

Food aversions: HAHAH None.

What do you miss: Bud Light

What are you looking forward to: Seeing Squish tomorrow and starting to look PG

Best moment this week: Hearing that everything was fine!

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