Tuesday, October 5, 2010

13 Weeks!!

A.K.A. Second Trimester!! Well if I'm being super technical in 3 days @13w3d we will be in second tri but I'm not splitting hairs. YAY!!! I feel like a bit of the worry is gone.

I have not been feeling the greatest and actually think I'm coming down with a little something. Says the woman who has barely had a stuffy nose in 5 years.

We had our NT scan on Friday. With the bleeding scare earlier in the week I was super nervous going in. Then Mother Nature had a hissy fit and with all the flooding Paul wasn't able to go. I didn't cry, at all, for real. I'm also never sarcastic.

Anywhos, the u/s tech was searching around and was very quiet, which was no big deal I wasn't in the mood to be talked at. But Squish was not moving at all so I very calmly mentioned that it was awfully quiet in there. The tech smiled at me and said not really then filled the room with the most amazing thing I have ever heard, Squish's heartbeat. It was the first time I had heard it and I didn't cry, at all, for real. I'm totally not welling now either.

Squish is definitely our child. A procrastinator who was not in the mood to do anything at the moment. He was not in the best position to get a measurement so the tech did some bouncing on my stomach, which Squish kicked back at but more in an irritated, can't you see I'm relaxing kind of way. She asked me to cough a few times to see if that would get him/her to move. I did and that's when we snapped this shot...

Head is to the right, 2 eyes & mouth. The hands are up by the cheeks. Reminiscent of this...

As if saying, "cough away woman. I will not move and for another 6 months you can't freaking make me".

Squish promptly rolled back over using my hip socket as a pillow, at least that's what the u/s tech said was causing my crazy hip pain and stayed there for the remaining 20 minutes. Kids only clocking in around an ounce so I don't know that I believe the pain is linked to the position yet. She said she got what she needed and I got a 30 minute u/s of the kid so all were happy in the end.

All in all looking good!

Last week we also learned that I'm a Cystic Fibrosis carrier. So Paul will get tested this week. If he's a carrier we will see a genetic counselor. I believe even if he's a carrier there is only a 25% chance of the child actually having the disease. If he's not a carrier, no big deal. You need two carriers to have the actual disease. They also say it's becoming very rare for 2 carriers to actually marry. Usually I'm a research-aholic, this one I'm not touching until I have to.

How much you weigh at BFP: 225

Gain or Lost: 0

How far along are you?: 13 Weeks

Any maternity clothing?: Nope and likely not for at least another 2

Stretch marks? None new. Got some Palmers to start but I fear if its meant to be it will still happen

Belly Button in or out? In where it shall stay

Any baby movement? I could have bet a million $$ I felt something the other night but I haven't felt it since and I'm a realist so NO.

How is Sleeping?: Not so fab. I cannot fall asleep to save my life. I barely stay awake on the couch but as soon as head hits pillow I'm wide awake. Lamesauce.

PG Work out plan: HAHAHAHA I'll just delete this question out for the remaining weeks

Newly craved food: Nothing really

Food aversions: None

What do you miss: Beer

What are you looking forward to: Feeling Squish move

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat

What was the BEST part of this week? Paul got the nursery all cleaned out and empty, he rocks

What was the WORST part of this week? The bleeding and the CF, kinda sucked but it's all okay in the end. No need to borrow trouble.

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