Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 Weeks

Squish, you are huge! 22mm! Boggling I know!

You were wiggling all over the place! I weeped a bit in the office, I have a tendency to do that during ultrasounds. I'm too much of a hard ass to all out cry. For that I waited until I was alone in the car and I freaking lost it. You have arms and were waving (with real arms!!) and flipping around and doing Heaven only knows what in there.

The nurse said your "house" got much bigger over the last week. Nothing but a uterine mcmansion for my Squish.

You don't quite look human yet, still a bit on the alien side but you are getting there.

I think it might be starting to sink in, maybe, no maybe not.

Maybe the nurses are messing with us. I do not "feel" pregnant. The nurse said to bite my tongue because it could start at any moment. I have faith that you love me enough to keep it in check.

Only 3 more weeks until 2nd trimester. Oh my bananas!

I'm flip floppy on finding out the gender. I think it would be fun to wait since I prefer gender neutral decor anyway. On the other hand patience is not exactly me strong area. I'm already dying to know whats in there.

Are you a Paul Andrew, Jr. (Peej) or a Riley (Ryleigh, Rylee) Renee?

It would help to figure out what color to get for the cloth diapering covers.

Say what?!?!

Yes. I've been learning and reading a lot about it. The initial investment is a bit higher all at once but the long term benefits are much larger. CD'ing costs about $500 total for multiple children. Disposables cost $2000-$3000 for just one child. Umm hello, no brainer, financially. Its really not that bad work wise. The old school nasty white cloths with massive diaper pins are a thing of the past. Check out All About Cloth Diapers. Statistically, cloth diapered children potty train faster as well. I have some discussing to do with people who use cloth diapers on routine, logistics, travel and stuff like that. I think its definitely a viable option for us though.

Oh relax, I'm still a Republican.

We have finally graduated to the OB, so frickin' exciting! Our appointment is Friday the 17th @ 8:45, I can barely contain myself.

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  1. I love that you call your little one, Squishy! :-) What a beautiful u/s. Super happy for you.