Friday, October 8, 2010

El Doctor

**DISCLAIMER** All is good in the hood!

I fear they may think I like them a lot more than I actually do. I only started with the OB in week 10 and now as week 13 comes to a close I've been there every week. Next week will be no exception since it's my regular appointment and I was told to keep it. Secretly, YAY!!

Anyways, around 9:30am I noticed that I was bleeding yet again. Since it was almost exactly like last week I didn't panic but I did call the doctor who wanted to see me in the afternoon because everything from last week should have been cleared up.

An internal showed everything was fine and the ultrasound showed the babe measuring right on track with a pounding heart.

The ultrasound also showed Placenta Previa. This is when the placenta is in a not so good spot over the cervix. Ours is Type 2 Marginal, which means just the edge of the placenta is touching the cervix. Not a big deal at this stage AT ALL. In the second trimester the placenta can cover up to 50% of the surface area in there, making it common for part of it to be where it shouldn't. 90% of cases diagnosed this early correct themselves as things progress.

Until the pesky placenta moves though the bleeding may happen again. On days that it does its off to bed I go to put my feet up and relax. There sure it a lot of relaxing in pregnancy.

On the plus side the wonderfully amazing Paul took me to Motherhood yesterday and I got 2 pairs of jeans and 5 tops! The jeans I will use sooner rather than later because last years jeans were 15lbs ago. Spring and TTGP were not kind to me!

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  1. I'm glad the bleeding stopped and you're doing ok! (((hugs)))