Tuesday, October 19, 2010

15 Weeks

No pictures this week. We are NOT going to the doctor this week! We actually are not going to the doctor again until November 12! At our 14w3d appointment on Friday they only did the Doppler so that we could hear Squishys heart. I was really glad they did it because Paul had not gotten a chance to hear it yet and I was worried that the NT scan was going to be our only chance for awhile.

Everything went well at the appointment we learned that Paul is NOT a carrier for CF! Woohooo!! The doctor, who was a touch overly thorough in my opinion went further to say that they tested for 18 of the most common types of CF but there were hundreds more that he could be a carrier for. I was good enough at the not likely. There was no need to go further and state that because of my carrier status there was still a 1 in 204 chance that the child could have some type of CF. Also that it was a 50% chance that I would pass on the gene.

Sometimes I just think they tell you too much that you don't really need to know.

I'm feeling good. I have my days where I have trouble finding a happy level of full for my stomach and it rebels against me. I'm getting better at noticing my signals and what each one means.

I'm pretty sure that this child is either using my sciatic nerve as a soft cuddly pillow or is using it as a punching bag. I almost crawled to the bathroom the other night because every time I took a step it felt like my leg was going to give out. Today isn't quite as brutal as last night but the dull lingering ache while sitting and shooting pain in my right ass cheek when I walk is annoying at best.

Other than that I feel no different. I don't know, maybe I was expecting this all consuming mental and physical change to over take me. There was such a build up to it and all in all thus far pregnancy has been pretty anticlimactic. I had visions of tears and hand holding and gazing lovingly into each others eyes at the first sounds of baby's heartbeat. I think I read too much Harlequin Romance novels. He was across the room, I couldn't even see his face. In the parking lot we agreed that it was cool and kissed goodbye and went off to work.

I'm having a hard time with people telling me I can't do things. I'm pregnant not handicapped or lazy. I wonder what mothers who have active toddlers do during their pregnancies, certainly not laze around on the couch. I have followed my doctors orders for everything and intend to continue to do so but otherwise it's fair game. My issues with being TOLD anything are shinning through in all my hormonal glory.

Speaking of hormones, I had a full mental break over the bathroom this weekend. I had asked Paul to do the floor, which he did without complaint. Once it dried though there were mop water marks and I thought by saying "floor" it implied the bottoms of the baseboards as well. Apparently it didn't. I cried. I bleached. I scrubbed. I just would not get white. No matter what I did it didn't look right. So I painted it white. It was going to be white. I sure showed that wall who was boss.

On a non-pregnancy related note I accidentally wore purple today, Oct 20th. I don't boycott gas stations, throw red paint on fur (although this ones crossed my mind), shut off all my lights for an hour, or participate in the Great American Smoke out (or didn't when I was smoking, I guess I kind of do now). I'm not political and I don't care to publicly voice my opinions on social, religious or political issues. Anywho's this time I accidentally wore purple and I'm glad I did. It's Spirit Day and it was created to honor LGBT youth who feel that life is not worth living due to the hate, bullying, and cruelty they face daily. I hate that children and teens are made to feel this way and feel that it's something worth noticing and changing.

Gain or Lost Weight: up 1 lb

How far along are you?: 15w2d

Any maternity clothing?: Jeans and my dress pants are seeing their last few days this week

Stretch marks? none new

Any baby movement? I think I'm feeling pretty consistant flutter but nothing for sure

Newly craved food: Cheese, dairy

Food aversions: mayonnaise

What do you miss: Beer

What are you looking forward to? Really feeling the baby move

What was the BEST part of last week? Paul getting to hear the h/b for the first time and learning he is not a CF carrier

What was the WORST part of last week? losing my marbles over the state of the house. I have a bit of OCD had a massive breakdown over the weekend.

Bonus: What is the scariest thing ever? Cats forever and always cats.

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