Tuesday, October 26, 2010

16 Weeks

Ho Hum Ho Hum

I got nothing kids.

Slight lie...I do have a bump picture. I'm not sharing it though because A. my bed in the background isn't made and B. It looks like I just renewed my customer of the month plan with Taco Bell. Seriously. I knew I wouldn't "show" early because of my height, extra pudge and being a 1st pregnancy. I can tell for sure but if anyone else can I call BS.

I've been debating a Doppler. I'd love to hear the heart beat whenever we want but do I really want the worry of not being able to find it? That one single level of worry is what deters me. I get in a moods where I research them and really really come close to caving and then see one review that says they never heard it on their own and then I'm done for the day. Only to revisit the topic in a week. In the end I know we aren't getting one.

I think work is trying to poison me with it's water. I do great all weekend and then Monday morning after my first glass I have a headache and a very yucky stomach. I say yucky because it's very hard to explain it's not painful or queasy or puking it's just gross. I've mixed up my diet and tried eating at different times yet nothing seems to help. We are going to get bottled water tonight and I really hope I'm right and it's the water.

My inability to burp has gone from slight annoyance to all out aggravation. On the plus side I have found 2 other people who have the same issue. They too have yet to figure anything out to fix it. Even though I know I'm not alone I still think it's weird and that I'm missing out on a great bodily function.

Gain or Lost Weight: 1lb

How far along are you?: 16 weeks today!

Any maternity clothing?: Jeans and I just got my dress pants yesterday but I think I've got some time left in my regular pants.

Stretch marks? None new. Using Palmers religiously

Belly Button in or out? In

Any baby movement? I feel flutters, like soda bubbles, almost regularly and always in certain positions. A touch to consistent to call gas but the realist in me still says no

Newly craved food: Subway Tuna on honey oat with extra American cheese and a touch of salt. LOVE

Food Aversions: psh none

What do you miss: I won't lie I had a massive nic fit the other day. Not that I miss smoking exactly but I wanted one and bad

What are you looking forward to? Paul feeling the baby move, more than me I want him to be able to feel it

What was the BEST part of last week? Painting the bathroom. It's gloriously white

What was the WORST part of last week? Painting the bathroom, it should have scrubbed white.

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  1. the bathroom was magically white! haha
    for the burps get some gas-x one tab does the trick :)