Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cloth Diaper Choice


I love this child. I mean seriously can you even stand the cuteness!

We are pretty firm in our cloth diapering decision. The more we learn the more we like! We have decided on a combination of diapers to start us off and have opted for the dipes that grow with the child. The bulk of our stash is going to be prefolds and covers for over them. It's really quite a simple system. You fold the prefold into a rectangle and lay it in the bottom of a cover then slap it on the bum just like you would a regular diaper. Click here to see how!

For covers we have decided to go with Thirsties Duo Wraps. These come in two sizes and we have opted for them because most birth to potty covers do not actually fit a newborn. This gives us lots of sizing options to best fit our Squish.
For travel and family use we have opted for the Flip System. Just as easy as the prefolds and covers but it "looks" easier. Remove the liner, add a new one, slap it on. We are also considering the FuzziBunz, which are very similar but have adjustable elastic on the thighs and back to ensure a good fit. We are on the fence because FuzziBunz has some reviews that state they have had trouble with larger babies. While the size of the Squish has yet to be decided I'm pretty sure Shim won't be small, I think it's a safe gamble.

Making the whole thing even easier (yes I still think its easy) are Bummis Bio-Soft Liners. These will only really be necessary if we use formula or when we move to solids foods. The liners lay right on top of the prefold and allow the wetness to go through but keep the solid off the prefold. Just drop in the toilet and flush it away.

Any CD'ers reading this who think this system is filled with newbie mistakes and doomed for failure please SAY SOMETHING!

Why are we doing this...

  1. Leading the revolution is the fact that I might be the cheapest person on the planet! The entire system including prefolds of different sizes from birth to 35lbs (approx 3 years old), covers and Flip System will cost us $432.50. This doesn't include the FuzziBunz since we aren't sold, but they would be extras anyway. The system can be used for multiple children as well. I'm sure we will spend more for to try different things and for extras but it won't touch disposables price. Plus, resale. Yes, resale. I haven't spoken to a single CD mama who didn't have at least some previously owned. I don't think it's my style to buy pre-owned but it is my style to sell them. Good disposable diapers will run anywhere from $2500-$3000 for ONE child.
  2. Its better for the baby. In my opinion and good for us. Not for you, cool. Your choice of diaper isn't going to effect my life, so I'm not saying anything bad about disposables or anyone who uses them. Nor do I believe that this choice will in some way guide our children in their mission to rule the world.
  3. Environmentally it makes sense. This is the smallest driving factor behind our decision. Sorry, it's the truth. I do think the idea of human (or any) feces in landfills is disgusting but it's one of those out of sight out of mind things that I really could deal with. Shameful? Maybe. I'm OK with it though.
  4. Reduces & prevents diaper rash
  5. Generally speaking CD kids potty train faster.
  6. They are cute

This list is not in any particular order. No reason is particularly life shattering either. I think I just like it.

So that's our plan Stan. I reserve the right to look back at this post and laugh my ass off at my ignorance during our first week home in the wee hours of the morning.

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