Tuesday, November 2, 2010

17 Weeks

I've been blocked! Lamesauce! I'm posting from my iPhone. PITA!

Anyways...17 weeks! Woot! I'm finally to the point where I will admit I'm "showing". Kind of. As a proud fluffy girl I truely feel that it's more pudge than anything but a bump there is.

I don't know why I fight it but seriously unless you know I'm knocked up then it really does just look like pudge not baby belly. For which I blame Taco Bell, who I blame all things pudgy on.

Feeling great for the most part. With as much seriousness as I can conjure still believe that work is trying to poison me in some way. We switched to bottled water and that helped a bit but only for a day. I now think it's the air. I get a massive headache around 2-3 everyday within an hour of the headache I'm queasy and dizzy. My ride home is usually a battle to not get sick. If i domt lose on the ride I lose the battle as soon as I get home. On weekends I'm right as rain.

With the new Ops Manager and Branch Manger things have been slightly more tolerable at the office. We had a talk on Friday about my return after the baby and they have offered me any schedule that I need or want. We were hoping to have the option to stay here part time. We aren't sure if that will be what we do only because the atmosphere is barely tolerable when the new managers aren't here and they are only physically here 1.5 days a week. Which leaves the other 3.5 days for asshattery. We will definetly be playing by ear until we are positive we are making the right decision both for my health and financially.

Our next appointment is Nov 12. If we have an u/s we might be able to learn the sex. I don't know that they usually do one but I'm hoping they want to see if my plancenta has decided to cooperate and move out of the way. If not the anatomy scan is Nov 23.

I recently learned that the 3rd party 3d u/s place near us will do gender verification at 17w. So we could know NOW. This information is brutal for someone as impatient as me. Each day I feel myself getting weaker and weaker to fight the urge to try and get in this week. Yes, I want to know THAT bad. There are some who do not want us to know so they won't really understand my thought process. That's ok. You know how opinions go.

We have started a preliminary registry at Babies R Us. We are not making a decision on gear (travel systems, swings, etc.) until we have a gender. We will likely try to keep them neutral for use with future children. The nursery will scream a gender tho. Football and sports for a boy and pink overload for a girl. The biggest issue we are having with gear is my OCD, it needs to match. There are very new patterns that carry each piece of essential gear. Of those few there are even less that are neutral. Yes, it's an issue. I found one that I like very much, it leans a bit male but goes well with the general decor of our house.

Another prengnant mentioned registering at Buy Buy Baby as well. As of yet I have not found anything at BBB that BRU doesn't have. Also BBB is online only, which I think is difficult. Well there is one in PA in Whitehall, I don't know where that is. BRU it be until I fall madly in love with something at BBB.

We have also decided on our furniture. It's a sleigh-style standard crib, dresser and changing chest in coffee. Since I'm blocked on a real computer I can't post a pic of it. Really it's getting intolerable around here!

I'm going to skip the questions this week because it's a bit redundant. The only major activity is that I have decided that the flutters Ive been feeling are not gas and are the baby. Quickening is the technical term for these little feelings. The main reason I think it's Squish is because it's I'm the same spot/area everytime and always when I'm in certain positions. Humor me.

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  1. Ah, I was wondering what quickening meant!!

    I think your bump looks like a bump! You look great!

  2. Aww thanks love! How are you feeling? I've been MIA for a bit!