Friday, November 5, 2010

It's a...

GIRL!!! Our beautiful little Riley Renee!

And I'm a weak impatient momma to be!

I caved. About 20 minutes after my 17 week update was written and published I crashed. I talked to Paul and we decided to wait to see if we'd get and ultrasound at the appointment on the 12. I don't like wondering so I called to ask. They said no and I called Innerview. They scheduled us for the next day (yesterday) at 2:00.

They guarantee after 17 weeks and we were coasting along at 17w2d. I could barely sleep on Wednesday and Thursday morning was the slowest 5 hours of my life (thus far). In my over-excitement I passed the place twice before Paul called to see where I was. He navigated me to where I was supposed to be. I couldn't even stand it anymore! My baby was about to have a name!!

The place was awesome with a big cozy bed and pillow. We were able to watch the show on a big projection TV. At first little Miss Riley was being difficult. She was firmly seated on top of my bladder with her tiny little ankles crossed right in front of her lady bits. The tech did some poking and prodding and finally she decided to move. It felt like hours before he said, "Riley made me work for that answer"! I cried, then just teared the rest of the time. I couldn't see Pauls face, I really wish I had though!

We spent about 45 minutes there and he showed us all kinds of neat stuff that doctors don't really have time for. He pointed out her eyelashes, the lines in the skull, heartbeats (mine and hers), he reaffirmed and pointed out her girl parts quite a bit and he gave us some sneak peak 3d pics.

Her ribs are bottom center and you can clearly see her arm and hand. She appears to be poking herself in the eye with her thumb.

We got a DVD of the session which recaps everything he pointed out and all her coolness. It was really neat to watch it when we got home last night.

All in all I'm thrilled with the experience and very happy we chose to do it!

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