Tuesday, November 9, 2010

18 Weeks

Ok Im not fighting it anymore. There is bumpage. While trying out some nursery gliders on Friday night the husband had a "wow you look it" moment. Even I was surprised by what I was seeing. The maternity Tshirt I was in definetly was enhancing the effect but there was no doubt.

I never really thought it possible to love someone I have yet to meet so much. Nearly every thought I have is linked in some way to our tiny little Riley. She's the size of a sweet potato and has completly taken over my whole world.

We tackled down the registry in the last week and except for a few odds and ends it's pretty much done. It's all at Babies R Us. Some had suggested a few other places but we found her bedding at BRU so I didn't really see any reason to look else where. I checked online but all our favs were BRU.

We chose the Cocalo Daniella bedding. We weren't sure of it by the pictures but luckily it's an I store style and we absolutly fell in love. Because of my color matching issues we are going to have to take the paint samples to the BRU to make sure it looks right. I think we are doing the bottom wall dark mauve/pink and the top a lighter mauve/pink. You know exactly how the picture shows it. I'm good at following pictures! I really want to put the chair rail in as well.

Our nursery furniture has been ordered. We chose the Tucson Standard Crib with matching changing table and dresser through JCPenny. We opted for a standard crib as opposed to a convertable. For us it just made sense to have nursery furniture that any child we have will use and outfit their older rooms later. There are pros and cons to both I guess!

Over the last week she has gotten more and more active. I was only feeling her when I was fully streched out and very still. Now it doesn't seem to matter what my position is. She's still the most active in the evening right after dinner. Last night I think I felt some actual kicks or punches as opposed to the previous fluttery rolls. It only happened like 3 times, once really could have been a gas pocket. I have all freaking day to sit and concentrate on it so we'll see.

My job, while a fantastic job, blows. I have anxiety every single night over what in the world I'm going to do the next day to pass the time. I might answer a client question once or twice a day. Maybe draft a letter once a week or so. If I'm really lucky we get a deposit 3/5 days a week. The other 8 hr and 17 min I'm in the office is me staring at my fingernails or reading some lame Facebook overshare. I read the entire Harry Potter Deathly Hallows in 2 days last week. There hasn't been another book to catch my attention. It's painful, physically painful. For reals.

Weight Gain/Loss:up a ridic # I'm sure

How Far Along: 18 weeks today

Maternity Clothing: I believe the last of my regular pants retired yesterday.

Stretch Marks: None new. I am noticing the scar from my naval piercing is getting thinner. It's scaring me.

Any Baby Movement: I think we might have had our first real kicks/punches last night. The rolling flutters are still consistant and occuring every day but now throughout the day.

Newly Craved Food: The though if a liverwurst and cheese sandwich made my mouth water at the store so I got some. It wasn't what I remembered.

Food Aversions: Liverwurst

What Do You Miss: Bud Light. What can I say Im built for having a ball.

What Are You Looking Forward Too: Paul feeling her move.

Best Part Of Last Week: Learning Squish was a she and giving her a real name!

Worst Part Of Last Weeek: people.

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