Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Boxes Tiny Clothes

What are they? Nursery furniture!!! Last week Pauls mom (GG) told us that the furniture had been ordered. I always assume the world moves as slow as me so I wasn't expecting it for weeks! I was so surprised to get GG's text letting us know it was in. Last night she and Paul picked it up and brought it home.

I will admit that when I actually realized what was sitting in those boxes I got a bit teary. I cannot believe that there is actually nursery furniture and baby clothes in our house. After of a year of prayer and hopes, charts and drs followed by weeks of worry and concern and more drs it's really real! We are actually getting our home ready for our precious baby girl.

Last weekend after we learned what kind of parts little Miss Riley had my mom, who has yet to decide on her name but likes MumMum, hit Carters with a vengence. I leave the tiny little onsies and gorgeous outfits on the dining room table so I can flip through them everyday. I know new borns are tiny but the clothes size always amazes me.

I have BIG plans for this weekend. This was our original idea for the nursery

BUT some smart ladies and my gag reflex thought it was too much. We are keeping the bedding & accessories and dark wood chair rail but ditching the pink walls. If not I would have had to christen it the Pepto Puke Room. See how this would not have worked out!

Soooo we are doing the dark wood chair rail (the furniture is very similar in color to the pic) and doing a cream and brown wall. The bedding is accented with chocolate so it should go very well. Pink and brown is super cute and will flow perfectly with the rest of the house. I can't wait to get started! (read: watch Paul get started!)

We had a Dr. appt this AM and I was a bit nervous going in. It was with Dr. Cohen ::ominous music plays:: This doc has some crappy reviews and noted complaints online. Some other pregnants that I know have also stated a strong dislike for his bedside manner and 'can't be bothered' attitude. I've butted heads with docs before and was concerned. Borrowed trouble.

Paul and I both laughed while walking out said he was great! Paul figured he might have gotten laid last night because the good doc was all smiles and pleasantries. He came in asked how we were, listened to the heart, asked for questions and sent us on our way. Just how I like it.

He asked about the flu shot and and I expressed some concern over getting it. He firmly stood by his highly recommended thoughts reguardless of my concerns but in the end reassured me that the choice was mine. I wonder if he wants to be friends.

I've been tossing the pros and cons around all morning. Their are some lingering cons for me but I feel the pros may be a bit stronger. Also, Paul doesn't feel that the pain of the shot is a strong enough con. Last I checked he wasn't the one getting shot so he doesn't get to comment on my con list. Hrmph! In the end I'm getting the stupid shot.

The doodie head in my office felt the need to tell me that in all his wives pregnancies he doesn't recall this many Dr. visits. Really? I'll have to look back at my calendar to see when I started to give a crap about what they did in the 70's. That comment just solidified my decision to take vacay days for every appoinent from here in out. Such a waffle!

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