Monday, November 22, 2010


There is a crib in our house!! To be used for OUR baby!!

It's surreal. I almost cannot believe that the room actually exists and I'm currently gestating it's occupant.

It's the best I got picture wise. The tall dresser has been moved down by the crib, behind the door. We are going to get a stopper to keep the door from banging it.

The low changing table is staying there and the glider going in the corner where the dresser is in the picture. Like this...

That's our old office chair not the glider. I needed some type of visualization. We took the measurements of the glider and it should fit perfectly with the ottoman.

We are going to check out some curtains. I think white sheers with the valance to match our bedding.

Bad shot I know. I have this new obsession with taking pictures of stuff online and the sending them to Paul for his input. It really has been so much easier.

We also started working on the closet which was inspired by this photo...

The only thing we are not doing is painting or papering the walls. I have the shelves and baskets in but it still looks super empty so I'm not showing my progress until later.

We also still need an area rug, which is naturally giving me fits. The idea that the furniture will be half on half off the rug grates on me. Then there are designs and colors. I'm stressing. I made it almost all the way to a store to check out their rugs when I changed my mind and came home. I personally see no need for a rug but I think I might be alone in that thought.

I ate soup for lunch and a noodle flew off the fork and down my shirt. I can't find it and this is upsetting me.

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