Thursday, November 18, 2010


I have never hidden the fact that I can be a bit neurotic. There are just some things that should be done certain ways and somethings that just shouldn't be done at all.

Since learning that Squish is a girl all things nursery have consumed me. In a previous post I had a picture with a pretty chair rail and stated, quite firmly, that we were going to have a chair rail and it was going to be just fab. We don't and won't have a chair rail ever at all no way. Here is exactly how my thought process changed our (my) minds:

Rachel & Paul, "ohhh we like. We should do that. It won't be too hard"
Rachel: "we don't have a miter saw for the corners"
Paul: "true we can get one though and your dad has one"
And here's where I get lost...
Rachel, "Hmmm. I don't know about this anymore. The corners in the room aren't even and it will be near impossible to get the rail flush with the corner. Then you will have to caulk it with paintable caulk. Can you do that? Do you think it will blend with the wall? What if the caulk beads on the wall and then we have to sand it down. I probably shouldn't inhale that dust. The general rule for chair rails is between 32" and 36" for our ceiling height. Our crib is 45" high and according to the picture of the room it should be near the top of the crib. What will potential buyers think? Plus it would then be the 'chair rail room' since no other room has one. What if we move when the room is no longer a nursery then the rail makes no sense?! What about the window 45" is a bit high for the window? We'd have to stain it too because we'd want it dark like the furniture. Do you really think we can stain it to match? What if it doesn't match? It would bother me. No I don't think the chair rail is a good idea. Let's do an accent wall instead!!"
Paul, "ummm yeah ok that's good"
Pauls actual thoughts, "good grief she's nuts. For real nuts"

So now we just needed to decide on 2 paint colors. Shouldn't be too bad, right?

We went to Home Depot, the original reason forgotten, and found a superb palatte of Bridal Rose and Natural Linen. We took the swatch to Babies R Us and it was a perfect match! Why wasn't that good enough? Because there was not enough contrast between Pure White and Natural Linen so the White trim would make the wall look dingy instead of creamy. Uh huh yes it would!!!

So since I now have colors that match the fabric I can take them to Scherwin Williams to find the Perfect colors. Epic fail. I found two that were a bit dark so I asked them to lighten them up by 60%. Then I thought I was so cool because no one would have the colors because I "made" them. Right? Ummm no. The samples I got were purple and orange it was sooo bad.

So I forced Paul back to SW with me to inspect more options. There were none. The poor SW girl took pity on me and my distress and just let me take the entire SW paint book with me. I think they just wanted me to leave. Of course I still have to return it.

I came to the conclusion that no one would have colors more perfect than Bridal Rose and Natural Linen and that was the end of it. The wonderful HD man calmed my concerns slightly by saying, "Natural Linen looks classy next to white". Wonderful!

I got started as soon as I got home. We quickly learned that only I could edge the trim and ceiling. Not because Paul wasn't good or wasn't capable but instead because I stared, scrutinized and elevated my blood pressure. So I edged and he rolled it was the perfect system. One coat done and looking gorgeous and not dingy against the white!

That was Sunday. Tuesday my car broke down and I was home all day from work. The perfect rainy day to do a 2nd coat of paint. Pauls mom was coming over to get AAA to tow the car and offered to stay and help me finish painting. I was pretty stoked since being on a ladder while home alone was making me second guess my decision.

Then I panicked. Wait a minute! Didn't Joan say painting wasn't her favorite. When I told her I didn't tape the family room and dining room for edging didn't she say she'd never do that! I can't yell at my mother in law!! I will die if I have to repaint or turpentine and q-tip the baseboards! While my crazy is known its rarely witnessed in such severity as painting episodes. I ran frantically to the garage tearing apart all the painting supplies. I had to have tape somewhere! Maybe duct tape would work! No! I found the painters tape!

I ran back upstairs and started taping all the baseboards. I figured I could edge the ceiling and she could do the baseboards. I was taller it made sense and I didn't have time to do it the other way. By the time she arrived we were nearly good to go and I had a calm sense of well being knowing it was going to be alright.

After a couple hours we were all done and I was quite proud. The room looks great, the color just right and I had finally painted and entire room without a breakdown and there isn't a single seam in that room that will catch my attention and drive me batty.

Now you know way too much about the way my mind works. Are you judging?

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  1. I could have written that myself LOL! I am the same kind of crazy ;) We need a picture!

  2. Hi love! It's so nice to know I'm not alone ;) I'm going to post a pic once we have the furniture put together so that it looks more "complete"!