Wednesday, December 15, 2010

23 Weeks

Peeing and Pittsburgh.

Yes, I'm talking about urination. If you don't like it there is a little red "x" up on the right corner.

Friday morning I had a bit of trouble peeing but wrote it off as some extra liquid in the night and the Squishes abilty to squish my bladder. As the day continued it got more and more noticable until it was painful to walk. I was so unimpressed and further annoyed by a 5 hr wait for my doctor to call back. This also started a mini break down because UTIs can be quite dangerous during pregnancy and I was going out of town until today.

Finally when the doctor called back they said it was too late to be seen (obviously!) and they would call in a RX. If I wasn't feeling better Monday I was to find an ER in Pittsburgh to be seen. ::end of phone call:: reassuring yes?

Whatever, I picked up the pills and prepared for the longest most uncomfortable ride across stunningly boring Pennsylvania.

Oh and it was. I felt every bump and turn on that horrid road. We stopped 3 maybe 4 times, which I thought was pretty damn good considering how I felt.

Thank goodness by Sunday things had started to ease up. We were in our way to the Steelers game and I was determined to have a fabulous time despite my aching bladder and the persistent rain. Did you know your bladder could actually ache? Me either. It can.

It was dreary the entire time but thanks to big green ponchos and a ton if layers we were dry and realtively warm. We got to see an awesome game with the mighty Steelers winning!!

While, UTIs are miserable you kind of have to be thankful for how fast antibiotics work on them.

I had Monday and Tuesday off while Paul worked out of the Pitt office. It was nice to relax for a few days and not have to worry about anything.

On Tuesday Pauls grandma and I rode out to McKees Rocks to check out The Happy Baby Company. It's a cloth diaper store and it was so awesome to see and play with all the different brands without having to purchase them all. I was reassured that the system I was leaning towards was good. It was fabulous to speak to a live person and ask my eleventy billion questions. Finally getting positive feedback was fabulous.

Rileys movements this week have been huge. Nearing on painful at times. Slowly but surely losing the creep factor. Most of her kicks are pretty low but on Sunday I started feeling them up much higher, which was a bit different. After being bunched up in the car for 4+ hours last night She went nuts when I was able to strech out. Usually her movements are sporadic and you have to be patient but last night she went for a solid time frame and Paul was able to feel each one.

There really haven't been any major changes or differences this week. Must be why everyone says 2nd tri is the best! We are getting ready for a few parties this week and the holiday. Hopefully these next few weeks fly by!

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