Friday, December 17, 2010


Last night after getting ready for bed I was sitting on the couch checking out the gossipy world of Facebook ::pause for shock:: I noticed that the baby was kicking high. Way higher than I would expect to feel anything.

It was a new feeling about an inch above and to the left of my belly button. I sat very still trying to block out everything around me until I left it again.

I didn't only feel it but SAW it. Like for real for real saw my my skin bump out under the pressure of whatever body part she was using. I immediatly said, "Holy Shiz Paul look" and we sat and watched. I felt like I was under a microscope and my body held the key to world peace with the intensity of the stare.

Baby girl apparently loves attention and less than a minute or two of staring she began her acrobatics and we SAW them again.

I think we were both a bit slayed. I was just a touch more creeped out than when feeling her move. The Space Balls scene just a bit too fresh in my mind. I mean obviously if she is pushing out so hard that I move she's running out of room. Of course I knew she would, just a fact I hadn't really considered until she had enough strength to move ME!!

On the other freaking awesome!! I can't believe she's strong enough already. I'm totally awed by how big she is (well over a pound). Only 115 days to go!!

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  1. This is super exciting!! Aw your gonna be a Mommy!! :)