Tuesday, December 21, 2010

24 Weeks

We had a growth spurt? I don't know. People are commenting. It was cool for like 4 days then someone acted surprised she wasn't a Christmas baby.

For real? I'll partially forgive the man, since he was a man and just might not know but I think the dude was a moron.

The size of my bump is directly related to the pre-pregnancy flotation tube I was carting around my midsection. I'm aware of this and I'm surprisingly okay with it. I'm happy to look pregnant instead of just blubbery. It does make me a bit nervous about what late 3rd tri is going to look like though!

Health wise we are doing fabulous. I feel great. This weekend was the first time we experienced any leg swelling. It was because we had 2 holiday parties and I was in my feet for like 30 of the 48 hrs of the weekend.

My only concerning development is that when I walk for long distances I feel like the muscles in my pelvic area are being ripped from my body. It's interesting. I'm not overly concerned because it only happens when I'm extra active. My body's way of saying enough? Maybe. Our next appointment is the 7th.

We have our Glucose Tolerance Test tomorrow AM. I'm nervous. My previous diagnosis doesn't allow for a lot of hope. BUT I've been eating well, my weight gain has been minimal and my fingers are crossed!

How Far Along? 24 weeks
How Much Weight Gain7lbs
Maternity Clothes? Everything. Even my t-shirts are seeing their last days. I'm graduating to Pauls within days!
Stretch Marks? I saw some on my back but we are positive they were there before so...no!
Baby Movement? All day long. Shes most active between 7-11pm.
Cravings None really
Food Aversions Nothing in particular. If I don't want something I REALLY don't want it but I never know until it's an option
What Do You Miss? My bladder! It's ability to perform is seriously lacking.
Best Part of Last Week? SEEING her move. It's the coolest and weirdest thing all at the same time.
What Are You Looking Forward To? I'm not sure. Our birth class is in just a few weeks and I think that's going to be fun. If not fun than interesting at least!

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