Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Not Just Fat...


I'm not sure what changed in my physique or if Squish had a growth spurt but people are noticing.

I LOVE it!!! Since Friday 5 strangers have asked when I'm due and if it's our first. 5!! 3 of them see me everyday too. I guess now they are confident enough to assume it's a child and not just winter blubber.

This doesn't include the people from my fathers holiday party either. I was accosted multiple times by the older women folk. Out of respect I didn't swat any of them. I pictured myself clotheslining them on their way to the cheese tray instead. It helped.

I will never understand the desire to touch another stomach. It's mine. It's not her. Squeeze her cheeks and pat her little head all you want once she's an outside baby. Until then you are touching me and me alone and that's weird. Stop.

It's kind of fun to mess with those brave enough to voice their assumptions. Like the UPS guy asked if it was my first or second. I truely didn't realize what he meant, I'm still getting used to people noticing, so I said, "I'm sorry I don't know what you mean". The look of horror on the poor mans face as he said, "you are expecting aren't you?", was hilarious! I quickly assured him that yes I was with child and apologized for being slow this morning.

Besides people noticing I have noticed a few physical differences with the growing midsection. Like how amazing slide on shoes really are!! Also, how deep a belly button really is. Cavernous I tell you!

I'm just over the moon this week. Some of my anxiety has eased up and I feel like we are really starting to enjoy each step and phase.

What's up this week? Our glucose tolerance test, yay! The only test I'm actually worried about. I've got everything crossed for good ##'s.

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